Saturday, December 28, 2013

Festive Favourites and Sale Wins.

Hi Guys, 

First off I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I've had a really nice few days relaxing at home and doing as little coursework as humanly possible. I will hopefully be sharing a few of my festive baking creations that I have whipped up this holiday season as I definitely been gorging myself on all things sweet this season. 

I thought seeing as the sale season is still happily taking place I would share some of my favorite gifts I received this Christmas along with a few bargains I couldn't resist buying in Boots. Today my Mum and I took a little mosey into our town center to check out the half price sale on the Boots gifts sets. Of course we couldn't resist having a little check in the Topshop sale as well and stay tuned in the next few days for my little loot from their. Like a magpie drawn to silver I rushed right over to the perfume gift set areas, I haven't had a proper fragrance for at least two years and was determined I would finally bite the bullet and spend a little more cash on smelling good. I have wanted to try Lady Gaga's Fame perfume since it first came out was forever spraying it on myself when I visited John Lewis and Debenhams before Christmas. I was instantly drawn to the beautiful design of the bottle and this gift set with both the full sized perfume and body wash came in at only £12.50, half of what the ordinary perfume would nearly cost.

£12.50 from Boots
The gift set came with 30 ml eau de parfum and 200ml shower gel, making it the perfect size to try out. I was initially drawn to the perfume due to the claims that the black liquid was "black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne". As much as I love this concept the perfume is really just the same as any old celebrity perfume and I can't help feeling the colour is little more gimmicky rather than a selling point. 

One thing I do definitely adore is the black and gold packaging and I would say that Gaga has managed to bring out a celebrity perfume a lot less spangly, and dare I say tacky than Britney or Taylor Swift, however each to their own. The perfume is said to contain notes of Atropa BelladonnaTiger Orchid,IncenseApricotSaffron and Honey, I would say their is no overwhelming scent and I was initially drawn to it due to the very subtle floral hints. I hate a really sweet scent and I think this is the perfect balance!

Now onto some of my favourite gifts, I was definitely spoiled rotten this year by my Mum and sister and received a few beauty bits I have been coveting for a while now. First up is the Vaseline "paint the town" lip tint, I have been nagging my Mum since this came out to buy it as a stocking filler, so it is no surprise that it turned up as a present. I have been looking for a red lip balm or tint to sit under my vampy lipsticks or act as a subtle finish to natural makeup and this fits the bill perfectly. I find this to be a lot more nourishing than the other Vaseline products I have tried and it is definitely worth the extra cash. 

Vaseline Paint the Town £3.49

My lovely Mum also picked me up the Sleek "Au Naturel" palette as a complete surprise, I am really lacking in matte and natural colours and am forever having to borrow her Naked Basics palette to complete an eye look so this is a brilliant gift. I have already been wearing it every day since Christmas and it's safe to say it has become a new favorite, the colour pay off is amazing and I would definitely recommend this palette as a cheaper alternative to the Naked palettes. I would also say this is a brilliant gift for any younger girls who are restricted makeup wise by school uniform.

Sleek Palette £7.99

(From left to right-top row to bottom row) Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir
My sister Rebecca ( who has her own blog of a very different type) text me on the 23rd in a bit of a flat spin about what to get me, her original plan of a Filofax wasn't working out so she asked me if there were any smaller presents I would like considering it was so last minute. Of course I couldn't resist asking for more lipstick (as if one person needs as much as I have already) and I specifically asked for Revlon as I find them a little too pricey to pick up on an ordinary shopping trip and I knew our taste would be similar. My favourite two products I received were a matte lipstick and one the suede effect lipsticks neither of which I have tried before, she tried to pick me up a range of products and I am really pleased I get to try out some different finishes and shades. 
Pink Pout £7.49

Backstage £8.99
I love both of these shades, I have Revlon's "black cherry" and it is really nice to have a vampy but softer shade to wear underneath or to be a bit toned down. I personally find Revlon products a little bit overpriced for a student budget considering MAC lipsticks are only a bit more at £13. But I am very grateful to be able to try these products out as I am a bit of a lipstick addict and can't resist vampy shades. 
Pink Pout and Backstage

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