Sunday, December 29, 2013

January Wishlist...

I know, I know Christmas is only just over but as 2014 rolls around I find myself wanting a whole new bundle of things that I can't really afford. I am one of those people who is forever writing lists, I even write lists to remind me to write lists. This of course means I had written my Mum a Christmas list in mid November, something which I have done for the last couple of years and helps her figure out what to look for when she starts shopping, normally very last minute for my gifts. This is how I am going to justify already having a whole new list of "wants" before 2014 has even begun. Not a great excuse but I'm sticking to it.

1. Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Polaroid Type 
I have been searching for a good Polaroid camera for years, nearly buying the gimmicky but very, very cute designs from Urban Outfitters but holding back at the last minute in fear that underneath all of the pastel they just aren't that great of a camera. But I have managed to find the God of all Polaroid cameras, not only does it actually produce Polaroids but it also comes in an array of pastel colours, if the film was a bit cheaper I would definitely snap this up in the blink of an eye! At the moment I only have my Nikon D300 and an old Canon film camera so I would really love to expand my camera collection with this little novelty.

2. Motel "Spangdangle" shorts 
There really is very few occasions in which I can really see myself being able to wear a tiny part of very sparkly hot pants, this however hasn't held me back from lusting over them for weeks and weeks. I know deep down that these would be the kind of item that I will buy, try on in my room, but back in the wardrobe and wear them about once a year. But this only makes me want them more, I love the grungy vibe these shorts give off and I can see them going perfectly with any leather jacket and Docs in the winter. 

3. Topshop Modern Tailoring Suit 
Oh Topshop. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It all started a few weeks ago when I was watching Sunbeamsjess and saw she had purchased a few of the suits from Topshops new Modern Tailoring section. At first I shrugged the idea of buying a suit off, after all I live in Somerset, where jeans and a nice top are considered "dressy". But, these suits have been haunting me, slowly but surely I am coming up with more and more justifications for buying one, the fit of these is beautiful and it would probably only take 30 seconds to persuade me I definitely need one. The metallic finish of this particular suit is amazing, and I love how Topshop have actually put some thought into the fit of this suit, it is much less frumpy then most co-ordinates and I can see it being perfect for party occasions, instead of a girly dress.

4. Pandora Leather Bracelets  
I rarely bite the bullet and buy myself jewelry, I have literally hundreds of rings that I stack up together but hardly any bracelets. I am also very lazy with jewelry, I hardly ever bother taking it off when showering or sleeping meaning a silver or gold finish is really a must. However I absolutely love these leather bracelets from Pandora, I never really bought into the whole troll beads trend when I was around 14, so I have never looked properly at Pandora before. I love these bracelets, not only can they be worn in the shower but they are the perfect mix between dressy and casual and can be put with most outfits to add a tougher, more quirky vibe.


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