Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Style Icon: Carey Mulligan

Hi Guys, today I will be doing another "style icon" post, this time focusing on Carey Mulligan, my all time hair envy. Not only is she in most of my favorite films but she also encompasses the effortless minimalist style that I always want to achieve but can never quite manage. Where ever she seems to be pictured, whether it is on the red carpet or walking along in New York she always looks put together, but also chic and uncomplicated. Her style reminds me a lot of Fran├žoise Hardy in the 60s but with Mia Farrow esque hair, all in all she is the perfection combination of androgynous and cutesy, allowing her to stand out next to other celebrities no matter how understated her choices are.

I always feel a lot of celebrities obviously have a personal stylist who just dresses them in the latest trends whether they are really that flattering or not. However, I think Carey manages to reflect her own style and keeps her clothes classic and well cut which is always good as it increases the amount of wear you can get from mostly cheap items.  

Not only am I utterly obsessed with nearly all of the films she appears in, I am also completely obsessed with her hair, not just one style, all of them. She manages to achieve the perfect platinum colour which isn't too brassy and really compliments her pale skin tone. Basically if I could look like another human being it would definitely be her (in a non serial killer way). 

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