Monday, January 26, 2015


Another long time without posting anything on this blog, I would apologise  but its likely you either don't care or are coming to learnt that I am a naturally flaky person who is incapable of keeping up regular habits. I've been like this my whole life, I am either completely obsessed by something and spend 100% time doing that thing- or I forget it exists and push it into the corner of my mind where all of the other forgotten things go. I haven't felt much like posting my outfits of late, my life has been messy and as such I've become one of those dreaded people who wears clothes because they are comfortable (the worst type of person). This includes now owning an electric blanket which is permanently wrapped around me from dawn till dusk like some kind of comfort blanket designed for a small child. 

I've also finally grown enough hair to have a sort-of haircut (by which I mean my hair looks like something a member of 70s punk band would wear, but I am trying to make it work ok?). I've come to the sad realisation that my hair will probably always be just a little bit on the crap side, firstly, I was born ginger which instantly curses me with a crap hair gene. After having a pixie cut since I was 13 it is slightly strange to have actual hair and not be faced with the "are you a lesbian?" question from every immature male although I do see myself getting bored with the whole style soon. I found the dungarees on American Apparel a few years ago and have since spent many an evening sobbing at there ridiculous price tag, however after spotting they had gone down to half price (still a ridiculous price) I HAD to buy them. I am very aware that many people will probably consider them the ugliest item of clothing to exist- that is why I enjoy them, they shouldn't exist but they do. They also fit in well to my small child in a crisis aesthetic that I've developed over the past few weeks. 

Ideally I'd like to pretend that this blog will not go neglected for so long again, but alas I cannot lie to you it probably will. Maybe by the next time you see me I will have grown a proper hair cut...

Boots- Dr Martens 
Dungarees- American Apparel 
Crop Top- Forever 21 

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