Thursday, January 2, 2014

Style Icon: Effy Stonem

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Hi guys, this is a start of a new series on my blog focusing upon so called "style icons", or people that I personally am influenced by when putting my own outfits together. A lot of these will be tv characters, I buy a lot more into street style and the outfits of "ordinary" people over celebrity style, especially considering a lot of celebrities have stylists which often results in them looking a little too polished for my taste. 
My first focus is on the character Effy Stonem from the UK tv show "skins", I fell in love with her styling when I first watched the show when I was fourteen or fifteen.Her style is very laid back, with lots of band tees, leather jackets and Dr Martens which fits in perfectly with the grunge trends seen over the past couple of years. Probably my favorite part about Effy is how effortless her style always looks, whether she is going out at night or rolling out of bed, she always looks laid back and perfectly carefree.  Obviously Kaya Scodelario's figure is amazing and although I think this a big part of how "heroine chic" she manages to look, I think anybody could pull off her style. Also a lot of her clothes are affordable or good value for money, both leather jackets and Docs are timeless pieces, that last forever and will never go out of style. This over all makes her style easy to pull off and perfect for students and young people who want a laid back but on trend wardrobe.

Probably the most important elements to compile an Effy style wardrobe are:
  • Boots or converse- perfect for every day and a lot more comfortable then swanning around in heels. This is one of my favourite elements of Effy's style as being over 5'7 I hate wearing heels.
  • Denim- Effy Stonem is all about denim: of course it’s never new, or dark, it is always that kind of grunge denim. That means, she often wears boyfriend jeans, ripped of shorts or over sized denim jackets.
  • Tartan/plaid- This is perfectly on trend in the winter season and can act as a great tool for layering up under coats in the winter or as a thin layer in the summer.
  • Layered accessorizes- Effy often sports layers and layers of chains and cross necklaces at college or going out, sort of like a less tacky version of Ke$ha. This is easy to achieve as so many highstreet stores stock great costume jewelry to create this look (look here, or here, or here). 

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