Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Autumn WishList


 Now I spend a worryingly large amount of my time sitting on the laptop looking at online shopping sites, splashing my cash on electric blankets (really) I have developed a reasonably long wish list for this autumn. Some of these items I will inevitably end up buying but most I will just stroke through my screen, sobbing silently into my empty bank account in the hope the magical Christmas fairy will purchase them for me. Being off ill from college and work is amazing, fabulous and a luxury if you aren't actually ill and can spend your time doing the things you love. However, being off ill when you are too ill to work or study is shit, you're bored, you're poor and you never see anyone because you are actually too ill to enjoy yourself. Saying this, I seem to be doing a pretty good job at buying things at least, because why save when you can spend your money you have saved for when you EVENTUALLY go to University and actually do "life".

I have wanted a shearling jacket ever since I was a little girl and my Dad bought me the most expensive shearling boots ever, which were way too hot to ever wear but looked so nice and would have looked even better with a matching coat. My Mum absolutely despises these coats, she says they are tacky, look like binbags and are way too 70s. However, the same women once bought me a cropped diamant√© hoodie with a butterfly on it for my twelfth birthday- so I think I'll make my own clothing choices. I know eventually I will cave and buy the pink Missguided coat and it will be beautiful- until I spill a cup of tea down it or inevitably leave it near my new puppy who just loves putting her dirty little paws (the cutest paws ever) all over my things.

Topshop do the nicest backpacks I may have ever set eyes on, these leather and suede ones make my heart melt into my wallet and make me want to be cool and chic and wear one. Unfortunately I think these are meant to stay firmly on the "wish" side of this list. I have bought at least three backpacks since they became "cool" again and I just cannot pull it off. No matter what I find myself having to stop mid walk to get my gum or phone out, getting a bruised bum from a badly placed lunchbox or looking way, way too much like my thirteen year old self who refused to be at all feminine. I think I will leave this trend to people who can bear the discomfort to wear what my StepFather would call a "shoulder bag".

Ever since I've seen my favourite youtubers wearing this jewellery I have been pining over most of it, not to mention they do amazing Keith Richards like skull rings that I just know would last forever. As previously mentioned I am unemployed, meaning I do not have £200 to throw around at jewellery, no matter how spontaneous or rebellious I'm feeling. This brand is just my style of jewellery as it isn't too pretty or cutesy but also isn't boring or dull. I have ridiculously short chubby fingers which sit on a massive hand span meaning thin delicate jewellery looks utterly awful and embarrassing, while larger pieces look great. I know one day I will have to add something from here to my collection but until then I will settle for stalking those who can afford it and being wildly jealous of them- because yes, I really do have that much spare time.

Everything about Charlotte Tilbury's makeup makes me weep- the packaging, the colours, the price range, EVERYTHING. I personally despise any lipsticks with the slightest bit of shine of glimmer, they make me look like Mick Jagger in the 80s, hence why I am in love with the new Matte Revolution Lipsticks. They come in some amazing vampy colours like "Glastonberry" and I know they would be the sort of product that I would keep forever just for the packaging. However, they do come in at £23.00, seeing as I currently cannot even justify buying a MAC lipstick which is around £8.00 cheaper, I really can't pay this much for the lipsticks. But if any of my lovely, beautiful, generous relatives would like to buy me one for Christmas I wouldn't object ( no hinting obviously). I would recommend Revlon for some good vampy shades at a cheaper price, or the Bourjous Rogue Edition Velvet for a really good, non- drying lip shades.

Yes, it might only be September but we all know that it is now Christmas. Despite being a person lacking in most kinds of spirit, I am full of Christmas spirit. I love everything about Christmas, the TV, the days ending at 3pm, online shopping and decorating. But there is nothing I love more in this whole world then a candle. I kid you not, I can sniff the candles in shops till I get a headache from the fumes, I just love the way they create an atmosphere more than electric lightsI am also a total freak who is extremely fussy about lights being too bright and hurting my "poor" delicate eyeballs. This year my friends got me a mix of Yankee candles for my birthday- much to my delight. However, I always need candles, I need cinnamon scents to live. I'm sorry but if you don't like candles- you don't like me.

So there we go, a list full of consumerism. Hopefully this can be helpful for any autumn birthdays- or just if you fancy treating yourself for the new school year.

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